“Win Win Win” approach to business - Madai - About Us
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“Win Win Win” approach to business

Is it possible that Business, Consumers and Charity can all benefit or “win” in a single transaction involving all of them? We believe so.

This “win,win,win” philosophy is part of our DNA and is centered around our desire to use Madai Rewards and our business model to give back to charities across the Globe of any size and focus.

We have the desire to see normal business activity become a source of funding for charity as a natural process of it meeting its own objectives. Apart from allocating 10% of every Madai Reward sold to our Charity Partners, we put this to the test ourselves in our #GiveandGet Campaigns.

In a #GiveandGet Campaign the consumer gives a $5 (or more) donation to our Charity Partner and gets a $5 Madai Reward as a thank you in return.  The consumer gives to a great cause which matches their passion and receives equal or greater value when they redeem their Madai Reward on madai.com.  Our Charity partner gets a donor and a donation while the Business Partner to the #GiveandGet Campaign meets CSR objectives, media exposure, brand lift and integrated into their channels, an appropriate “Call to Action” linked to the Campaign.