Madai Rewards Launch - Madai - About Us
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Madai Rewards – The Innovative Final Step Incentive & Rewarding Solution

Madai Rewards are different from every other final step rewarding solution.

By offering an easy to use, attractive and very flexible solution, Madai Rewards are set to give businesses a new way to reward customer loyalty, improve employee engagement and improve perceptions of their brand. And because Madai Rewards donate 10% of the face value of every reward code purchased to charity, their rewards are good for society as a whole.
“From the start, we wanted to improve the way the final step in the rewarding process is experienced,” said Tim Middleton, CEO & co-founder of Madai Rewards. “We knew that a fully digital solution that offered people a cash-based reward would be attractive but were convinced that our approach would add more value than any other solution currently available.”
At the heart of the Madai Rewards solution is the proprietary CrowdRewardingTM tool. When someone visits to redeem their Madai Reward Card, they are offered the chance to buy gift cards for brands like; Amazon, Walmart, Sephora, and Uber at a reduced price.
The algorithm behind the CrowdRewardingTM tool uses the power of the crowd to offer a progressive discount. This means, depending on the number of active users at the time they want to redeem their code, a user will receive a discount well in excess of their actual Madai Reward face value. For example, when they redeem a $1, $2, $5 or $10 Madai Reward, they can buy a $100 gift card, that they can use to buy their groceries or order a gift, for $75 or even less.
In today’s fast-moving world, Madai Rewards offer sophisticated, price sensitive and tech savvy shoppers a sweet deal that is fun to use and offers the added, unique benefit of also doing good by including charitable donation.

About Madai

Madai was founded in 2010 to offer a full-service survey solution framed around the unique crowd engagement CrowdRewarding™ tool which won the Lamarck Award for business innovation at SMAU 2015, Europe’s premiere Information and Communications Technology exhibition. With an impressive customer base that includes over 100 major European companies and heavyweight global players such as Qualtrics, Lucid and Microsoft, Madai is now expanding their portfolio to offer a stand-alone final step solution, Madai Rewards.